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All parts of the body can be treated by sugaring!
Out of all, we recommend facial hair removal (^^)

Do you shave your facial hair?
When shaving,
For those of you who have sensitive skin, have you gotten the reverse effect and hurt your skin instead?

With sugaring, there is no need to worry about such things
At the beginning, it will be quite painful,
there might be redness and small bumps may form, but be assured as they will recover immediately

Advantages of facial hair removal
・Becomes easier to put makeup
・Makeup is less likely to collapse
・Easier penetration of makeup lotion
・Less pimples and acne forming
・Tightening of pores

And many other advantages \(^o^)/

You might think that it is alright to let your hair grow because it is winter, but it is important to go for hair removal treatments even in this season

Why don't you come to Maris Gina and try out facial hair treatments?