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【Sugaring】and the pain of waxing

【Sugaring】and the pain of waxing

It is definitely painful during treatment
Pain is inevitable because several thick hairs are pulled at once.

Especially for people with a lot of hair, and the individual hairs are thick, it will naturally be more painful, this might make you a little hesitant.

The degree of pain varies depending on where it is found. After all, where the hair is dense and thick strand grows will be more painful.

For women the greatest pain is during VIO hair removal, but only few are unable to tolerate and discontinue the procedure.

Please note that the pain is enhanced especially during the period after self-treatment such as shaving, or during, before and after menstruation.

[By doing home care appropriately
The pain during the subsequent treatment can be reduced ☆]

1. With exfoliating using salt scrub, the hair pores are opened greater and the penetration of sugar can be improved!

Good penetration of sugar gives better feeling of hair removed, and thus can help in alleviating pain.
It is also effective for male beards ◎

2.After salt scrub, constant moisturizing which will maintain good skin condition.

3. Apply CCme before treatment

The points introduced to alleviate pain introduced are good for regulating skin
Please do try it (^_^)