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Waxing to Sugaring

Hello everyone!
Located in Yotsuhashi, Shinsaibashi, Osaka
Maris Gina Sugaring and Waxing Salon Shinsaibashi Branch!

Today we would like to introduce a customer review who visited the store.

"I used to do Waxing. I was curious with Sugaring, so I switched to it for the first time after it was recommended. It is organic and even short hairs can be removed. It is not as hot as waxing, I thought. The finish is very satisfying."

We received a happy review from the customer.

Of course, we at Maris Gina recommends Sugaring Hair Removal.

Sugar Paste is organic and is made of Sugar, Lemon juice and water.

The moisturizing effect of sugar makes the finish smooth.
You don't even have to worry about getting hair removal if you have sensitive skin.

Also, Sugaring's sugar paste is at room temperature.
Sugaring can penetrate deeply into the pores and pull out the hair from its root.
We don't really have to use a tweezer.

Since there's no heat and tweezers involved, hair can be removed in delicate parts.
Please try and experience Sugaring at least once.


Short hair removal -Sugaring Warm-Brazilian Waxing
If you want to get rid of unwanted hair, we would be waiting for you at Maris Gina Salon Shinsaibashi Osaka.

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