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Those who are worried for a Bikini design [Sugaring]

If you want to remove Bikini hair, what kind of design do you want to have? We usually heard of this question.
We would like to tell everyone, so here's the answer:
→There is no sample of shape in Maris Gina

Everyone has a favorite shape ♪
Most of them have an inverted triangular shape.

Also, if you want to leave in a natural look, it will be more natural to leave the cracks from the V to I line ☆

But the best recommendation is all off!
Of course, it is hygienic, and fashion of wearing underwear is fun and the comfort is definitely different.

On the day of removing everything, there is certainly a feeling that you are not familiar with, but there is no rubbing or uncomfortable feeling such as when wearing underwear ☆

You do not have to worry about moist during menstruation or on a hot day, so you'll feel really refreshed and comfortable♪
Some customers say that their menstrual napkin rashes have gone away!

If you have resistance, try all-off, but if not try the inverted triangle shape which is popular and recommended first!

Gradually decreasing the shape to almost all off.

If you are still unsure about whether to do all-off or adjust the shape to an inverted triangle, please feel free to contact the staff!

We will treat you according to your wishes ♪