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Teen Hair Removal at Maris Gina [Sugaring]

When you were a junior and senior high school student, were you worried about the hair on the legs when you do physical education and swimming? When you wear short sleeves, were you worried about the hair on the arms and armpits? The beard became thicker for boys. The number of children who think of body hair as a complex thing is increasing.

Don't you know how to handle it? It seems that there are many cases where shaving is a little scary, and there are many cases where you get worried about your skin being hurt by unfamiliar shaving.

You ca come to the Maris Gina store from 13 years old!

Maris Gina's Sugaring Hair Removal is also recommended for people with sensitive skin, pregnant women and teenagers!

Because all the products we use are organic and met strict standards.

The sugar paste used is made from sugar, water, and lemon.
You can remove hair without damaging your skin, so you can rest assured.

Also called Alexandria Professionals, a professional sugarist who has passed the certification test of the world's sugaring brand with a track record of 27 years will perform the treatment, so please be assured about the technical aspect ♪

It is highly recommended for those who are worried about their beard and their friends' children.

If you have any questions or concerns
Please feel free to contact the staff.

In addition, parents' consent is required, so please consult with your parents and come to the store.