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Sugaring in Tokyo, Japan

What is your skincare routine?
There are many products that prevents skin dryness. When it comes to facial products, it is hard to keep up.
Maybe body care is enough?...It is hard to tell.
Let's first see the reason to cause dryness, nutrition, environment, as the first step of skincare.
Does nutrition affect skin dryness? Be careful with fast foods and readymade foods.
There is no nutrition in any of such foods, it lacks protein, vitamins, minerals, etc.,
Those are all an essential nutrient for women's skin.
When you are lacking protein, your skin's turnover delays, and the factors that moisturize your skin is slowed down in production. 
Everywhere we go, the AC and heater is on. It may feel good, but it is harsh on your skin.
Temperature difference and air drying degrades the skin barrier function.
PM2.5, pollution, hayfever, environemental hormones all affect your skin.
It depends on the condition, but dry skin causes more pain when hair is removed.
When you do Brazilian waxing, too much skin cells are removed as well. You will need to
take great aftercare otherwise your skin will be even dryer, and causes inflammation.
The sugaring we recommend at Maris Gina moisturizes your skin when you remove your hair.
At home, exfoliate then moisturize your skin properly, and when you receive your sugaring treatment again, your skin will be left moist and smooth.
-Phenomen-all cream
Softens the skin cells, repairs skin, encourages turnover.
Can be applied all over the body.
-Salt spring (Scrub)
Salt from the Dead Sea. Kills bacteria, secretion of irritable fat, prevents dryness, itchiness, ingrown, and cleanses pores.

-MuddPuddle (Masque)
Mud from Hungary
Rich in minerals, good for ingrowns, blackheads and acne.
Removes bacteria that are clogged deep in your pores.

Please try out these 3 products, available at our salon♪