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Sugaring hair remove short hair

We offer men's hair removal as well, at Maris Gina.

In Japan when we hear "hair removal" we tend to think it is for women, but 
we have customers from all over the world at Maris Gina.
Nowadays, men are more in tune with skincare and hair care.
We recommend sugaring as the best form of hair removal available to all skin types, offered at Maris Gina.
Sugaring consists of water, lemon and sugar, all organic ingredients to make up the sugar paste.
We use what is taught from Alexandria Professional; the sugaring hand technique.
Sugaring is effective in moisturizing and skin treatment, so every time you remove hair with sugaring, it also improves your skin condition.
Because the paste is organic, it is beneficial to sensitive skin and atopic dermatitis.
Maris Gina's sugaring can remove hair from just 2mm length.
You may have repeated Brazilian waxing in the past, but Brazilian waxing tends to cause ingrowns and rashes.
If you have suffered from this, we recommend you try sugaring!
Men who take care of their unwanted hair is very attractive.
Even men's VIO hair removal is becoming common knowledge.

After hair removal, aftercare is very important!
New hair growing from dry skin and dirty pores is not good.
Moisture and exfoliation is key to better hair removal, making the hair easier to remove.
Our normal sugaring VIO price is 14040 yen, but offer a discount price of 8000yen during the month of December!

Many of us and especially men may be more prone to care for their hair removal at home.
Maris Gina also offers aftercare menus.
We offer an aftercare set of exfoliation and skin masques for 9800yen.
Depending on this using this aftercare set, your skin trouble will dramatically change.
Your VIO will look great!
Once your skin has experienced ingrowns, it is hard to recover.
We offer mineral skin masques used after sugaring.
The exfoliation products can be used after a week from hair removal.
If you are interested, please inform the staff.
If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to ask our staff!