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Get smooth skin before next summer

It's getting cold, are you starting to not taking care of your unwanted hair?
Rather than waiting till it gets hot and you rush to remove your unwanted hair,
why not take care of it in time for summer? 
Maris Gina offers sugaring that can resolve all your unwanted hair problems☆
With Maris Gina's sugaring, you can get rid of 80% of your VIO hair in just 6 months.
If you start your treatment now, you can achieve beautiful smooth skin in time for summer.
If your pores are getting blackheads because of waxing, there is no point to want to show your skin
in the summer!

Maris Gina's treatment can remove hair from the pores, allowing you to really be confident in your smooth skin!

Sugaring cannot show it's best results through at home treatments or at the salon. It is important that each customer allows us to work together in order
to achieve the best results and satisfaction.

How does hair become 80% thinner in just 6 months?
With waxing, it never goes thinner even after years!
With waxing, length in hair is necessary. By the time your hair is long enough to wax, the next hair is already growing out of your pores.
So no matter how many times you wax, the hair just keeps growing!
With sugaring, we can remove hair when it is still short. Meaning, hair can be removed when the hair is still new.
This process allows the pores to get smaller and smaller, and the hair becomes thinner and thinner, until there is none.
In a way, the good thing about waxing is that hair will keep growing.
Some types of sugaring cannot remove short hairs.
Maris Gina can remove hair that is 1~2mm long. But it also depends on the condition of your skin.
We have done waxing, and 30% of our hair is torn. We may keep applying wax, or use a pair of tweezers to remove the remains.
With sugaring, none of that is necessary. Hair is not left behind, or torn. We can remove hair from the roots, allowing our service enjoyable.
Come try our sugaring! For a brighter future :)