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We recommend Facial Sugaring not Waxing

When there is hair on your face, no matter how smooth your skin is, it tends to look darker.
Also, they say acne is caused by dirt being stuck in our pores.
Therefore, by removing the baby hairs on our face, the start of acne can be avoided.
Recently, there seems to be news articles on skin trouble from medical laser hair removal treatments.
Sugaring is all organic, and applied with room temperature, so it will not burn your skin.
Sugaring is very natural and gentle to your skin.
Sugaring can remove the bacteria out of your pores, and beneficial to your entire skin condition.
At home aftercare is very important, allowing your VIO skin to be beautiful and depletion of your unwanted hair.
We provide quality aftercare products at Maris Gina.
Alexandria Professional's aftercare products are only available in Japan at our Maris Gina salon.
We  recommend the below products for those who have received a sugaring treatment:

・Phenomen-all Cream(Moisture cream)
Softens the pores, revitalizes skin, encourages faster turnovers
It can be applied on your VIO as well as your body.
・CCMe Cream
Relaxes the skin after sugaring treatment and heals acne.
Applied all over the body. When applied before a sugaring treatment, it can reduce potential pain.
・MuddPuddle(Mud masque)
Made with Hungarian mud
Mineral rich, avoids ingrowns, acne and blackheads.
Reaches deep into the pores to remove bacteria.

Out of all, the Phenomen-all cream(Moisture cream)is most popular within our customers!
Apply at overnight and in the morning your skin will tightened and rejuvenated.
Care not only after hair removal, but everyday application can be very beneficial for the skin.
For customers using the face sugaring coupons, we offer a 1 week trial gift for one of the two kinds of creams.♪
For skin that is not yet used to hair removal, some redness may occur.
So we recommend the coupon with the aftercare cream gift!
Proper home aftercare gives the best results!
If you wish to have hairless skin and continue sugaring, we encourage proper care everyday.
Look forward to how well your make up will apply, and how brighter you skin tone will be, the day after your sugaring treatment!