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First time to come for Sugaring ?

Q This is the first time I come for sugaring, are the hairs long enough?

This is a recurring question we have.
For most customers, the length is sufficient!
Can we really remove short hairs with Alexandria sugaring ??
Indeed, we can even remove short hairs with this new sugar paste ☆

The feeling of a short hair depends on each customer, but the standard length is 2 to 3 millimeters.
With sugar past, we can remove the hair when they are half the length of a hair to receive a waxing!
Those who wish to have an even more beautiful result, we recommend taking care of yourself, your skin at home with scrubs, for example.

Why? Sugar is different from wax in the method of treatment.
The paste used for sugar does not solidify, unlike wax.
By not solidifying, you can get the paste into the pores, so that even the short hairs can be removed from the root of the hair, ie the bulb.
But unfortunately with pollution, stress ... dirt accumulates in the pores, so the sugar paste can't get deep into the pores and, it could be that the hairs are difficult to remove, even see that we can not remove them.

With sugar, when you come for a hair removal, we can indeed, remove some dirt, dead skin that is buried in your pores.
But even with the sugar treatment, it's difficult to remove all these dead skin and dirt from the skin.

So, please, it's important to make scrubs a few days before coming to be epilated
However, don't scratch powerfully. Don't ruin your beautiful skin!

If you do not know which products to use, we have also Alexandria home care products available in all our stores!
Please ask to the staff if you have some question ! ♪