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Have you tried sugaring in Tokyo?


Beware of dry air!

Your bikini skin is very dry!

You may be taking care of your face, but alot of customers seem to leave their bikini area alone!

Many customers at Maris Gina apply our moisturizers on their face but not on their Bikini area....

It is definitely good for your face, but please try it on your bikini!

The sugaring we offer at Maris Gina is made of "sugar"! Sugar has a function to prevent regeneration of skin cells and growth.

It also improves rashes and weak skin.

Sugar itself is a moisturizing ingredient, so by removing hair with such a substance means it leaves your skin soft and moisturized.

Dry skin causes troubled skin. Dryness makes your skin hard, and when we pull out your hair, it tends to rip.

If we continue that, what do you think will happen to bikinis?

The skin can become dark and hard!

The Western civilization tend to take care of their bikini well, as it is part of their culture.

Japan on the other hand, is not so aware about waxing and bikini hair removal. Some people's skin are not in good condition.

If I remove my hair, is it going to look good?

If your after care is not properly done, it will cause ingrowns that are hard to heal.

If you think that no one is going to see it and do not take care of it during your prime age, it is only going to get worse...

Why not try sugaring and put an end to the uncared for bikini?

We assure a brighter future for you.

Everybody's troubles are the same. Please do not be shy, and stop by Maris Gina.

Let's try hair removal and get pretty together!

To achieve beautiful bikini starting from the pores, is our happiness.

We want to see as many happy faces as possible.

We await for your arrival.