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The importance of sugaring and homecare


Maris Gina recommends sugaring!

Although sugaring is still not well known in Japan,

Maris Gina's sugaring treatment can remove short hairs☆


As you begin your sugaring treatment, there are certain home care procedures that are

important. In order to achieve the best results for sugaring, scrubs and moisturization is very important.


Scrubbing can remove black heads and dead skin cells.

Moisturizing helps unwanted hair be removed easier.


At Maris Gina we sell the Salt Scrub ・ Hungarian Mud (Masque) ・ Moisturizing Cream



☆Salt Scrub helps prevent ingrowns and dry skin, while also removing bacteria.

☆ Hungarian Mud (Masque) is the staff's favorite and our customer's favorite. This mud masque is impressively effective to acne as well. It also prevents red bumps from occurring on your bikini.

☆Moisturizing Cream softens your skin. It also helps heal scars. If ever your pores are left wide open after hair removal, you can use this cream to prepare you for your next hair removal session.


These 3 products are necessities to achieve beautifully smooth skin. All these products can be used throughout your body, so they are very popular.


Dry skin is common in this season, so home care and sugaring can help you achieve smooth moisturized skin.☆


※Please only apply scrub up until 2 days prior to your hair removal treatment.