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Many clients at Maris Gina is switching from waxing to sugaring♪

Many customers at Maris Gina is switching from waxing to sugaring♪

They ask, "when can I sugar again?"
We recommend you come back for a sugaring treatment every 2-3 weeks.
(With waxing, your hair must be at least 1cm long)
Human hair goes through 3 states during their hair cycle.
To make it easier to understand, lets compare hair to a grain of rice, and how it sprouts to form into a rice barley.
Just like how sprouts grow from grain, to thin barley stems growing thicker, hair does the same growing thicker and darker.
Every person's hair growth differs, but often hair grows to become strong and thick.
During the regression period, it is like growing rice that is ready to harvest, and it is also in a stage where growth has stopped and ready to fall out.
Finally, during the telogen period, it is as if only the stem remains after harvesting the rice.
Just as rice harvested harvest is gradually withered, the hair which has reached the telogen period literally stops growing from the hair root, and instead waiting for it to come out.
When the harvesting of a rice field is over, winter passes and once again spring has come for the hair growth to begin again.
Likewise, after the hair comes back from its resting period, it waits for new hair to grow in the next cycle.
By doing sugar ring at the early stage of growing when the hair follicle is small, the hair follicle will be damaged more and more, so it will become thinner or thinner by repeating the sugar ring every 2 to 3 weeks ♪
Repeat the process along with prompt home care, and in 6months, your hair will decease by 80%!
Many customers mention that the new hair growth after sugaring seems soft like baby hair, unlike the stinging thick hairs that grow after waxing.
For those who wish to decrease their overall hair growth, Maris Gina offers a 6 month sugaring plan as well!
Please do not hesitate to ask♪

We look forward to your arrival ^^