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Sugaring Face (Upper Lip, Cheeks, Chin, Forehead)

Hair Removal Using Sugaring Smooth and Smooth Your Face!

Are you interested in your hair?

You can depilate with sugaring the same day!

Even if it is not on the lips or nose, you can eradicate and depilate the entire hair of your face.

Let's remove hair root!

There is an amazing amount of hair on the face.

The trick is to keep getting used to things like Sugaring Hair Loss.

The skin is very sensitive, so remove about 50 to 60% of the hair at first.

In addition, we remove 50 to 60% of hair every month and continue it.

It will be like a baby skin ☆

If you try to depilate at once, you may have a histamine reaction or you may get a red pot swelling.

I understand that I want to greedy, but it is important to get used to it a little bit!

Of course it becomes smooth smooth skin! I feel that the color of your face is astonishing.

The makeup paste will also improve, so it's worth a try. In fact, it is absolutely recommended! !