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Short hair removal with Sugaring not waxing

Hello everyone (^ ^) / Osaka Shinsaibashi
It is in ''Yotsubashi Station'' Sugaring | Brazilian Wax | IPL Hair Removal Salon
Maris☆Gina -Shinsaibashi branch- (^ o ^) 丿

Why does the sugar ring fall below 1 cm? ?
It's really strange!

I think that everyone who has not yet tried Sugaring is suspicious.
The reason for the short hair to break off
The first is that if wax is applied along the hair flow, it peels in the opposite direction to the hair flow.
The sugaring is painted while setting up reverse hair and pulled out along the hair flow.
By doing this, the hair is vertical and hard to cut.

The second is a soft paste.
With wax, you only get wet on your skin, right?
However, if it is a sugaring paste, it penetrates into the pores and wraps the hair root firmly.
So you can get out of the hole without breaking or breaking the hair (^ ^)

Although the condition of the skin and the hair is different depending on the customer, 
almost all of you are able to depilate well with 1 cm or less hair. As we also offer advantageous coupons Everyone please try Sugaring!