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Does Sugaring hair removal hurt?

Does Sugaring hurt?

The pain for Sugaring is certain, it doesn't mean you don't feel anything because hair is removed.

But most people say it's not as painful as waxing does. Sugaring won't stick to your skin more than waxing, so it can help reduce pain.

The face, lip, and bikini areas are said to be the most painful areas.

If you are used to traditional waxing, Sugaring is said to be less painful.

When the hair roots are weak, it would be easy to pull out, and it would cause pain less on the skin. For first time customers,
it may be easier to feel pain because the Sugaring removes until the hair roots.

Hair is removed without breaking it that it why you would notice the pain the first time.

Please try which is less painful for Sugaring or Waxing!

The finish and skin condition will be totally different for both.