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"Cycle of the skin"

"The cycle of the skin"

We often hear this expression.
We understand in the global the meaning, but in the end, we're wondering what is really "the cycle of the skin", isn't it?

The skin cycle is, in simple terms, the metabolism of the epidermis!
The epidermal cells are made, created → they grow continuously towards the surface → these cells are superimposed to form several layers and these layers are going to constitute the skin → the skin protects the body like a barrier → the old skins, the dead skins fall for the news.
=> It's the cycle of the skin.
It takes around 28 days to have the renewval of the skin.

Therefore, by making sugaring according to this renewal of the skin,
This can lead to a decrease in hairs!
Moreover, to have a hair reduction, it's also necessary to take into account the renewal of the hair, it means cycle of the hair as well as the home care (scrubs, masks, creams ...) which are essential to remove all the skins: dead and impurities !

Let's try our sugaring ! ☆ (^^)