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Does sugaring heal wounds?

Does sugaring heal wounds?

Sugaring, use to be used by soldiers during the war that were injured.

The sugar paste was an alternative to bandages, and killed bacteria and further infection.
Sugar pastes were used for burns, scabs, and any bleeding that can transmit germs.
Even till this day, sugaring is still used for treating wounds.
This treatment decreases the rate of skin grafting by 98%, leading to 1/3 of the time a regular wound takes to heal. Sugar naturally kills bacteria, that is so often used as a medicinal treatment. It treats and betters the healing of the wound.

The sugaring paste used at Maris Gina is from Alexandria Professionals, which uses a high concentration of sugar. As it is stored in a jar, naturally, the sugar in jar is completely bacteria free. Additionally, the sugaring paste is not animal tested, and is completely natural. Therefore, there are no side effects to allergies. It is even edible!
Sugar is water soluble, so it is safe to treat on itching skin from dermatitis.
Sugar paste does not damage the skin, so the same area of skin can be treated over a few times. No need to worry for burns either, because sugar paste is not that hot!

Organic and safe. Maris Gina is the only salon in Japan that uses Alexandria Professional's sugar paste products!

Sugaring is still not so well known in Japan, but as you can see, there are so many advantages to sugaring! We want to be the ones to introduces sugaring to you♪
Please enquire for any questions☆