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Blackheads on your Butt cheeks

If you are finding blackheads on your butt cheeks, here are the reasons.

When the skin is stimulated, melanin is created as a defence reaction.

Even when your skin is rubbed against your clothes or underwear, your skin can become rashy from pigmentation.

Especially, you should be careful if you are wearing nylon, or something tight, or scrub too much in the shower.

Pigmentation caused from friction can lead to blemishes, and takes a long time to be refined again.

It is best to try not to be sitting down constantly, although for some jobs it may be hard not to do.

We recommend you use natural, organic fabric for underwear, so there is less friction.

When your skin is dry or stimulated, your skin tries to protect your skin from the stimulation and tries to turnover faster than usual. This causes the stratum corneum to get thicker.

When this occurs, your skin can feel rough, with blackheads.

It is important to avoid this by making sure you hydrate your skin.

When your butt cheeks are getting blackheads, it may be a good idea to use a peeling soap. Peeling can gently remove blackheads and clean out your pores. However, when you do peeling, your skin will get dryer than usual. Please moisturise your skin afterwards.

Do not scrub your skin roughly. Even though your skin may feel smooth and squeaky, the friction has stimulated pigmentation to occur, leading to more blackheads.

We provide masques that are great for blackheads, at Maris Gina.

Lets keep our skin beautiful after hair removal! ♪