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Sugaring? Waxing?

About the difference between sugaring and waxing
Maris Gina offers both waxing and sugaring

So the two differences are:

Sugarings are gentle on the skin and can be applied and peeled off many times, so short hairs come out and come off.

Wax puts a strain on your skin, so you can't apply or remove the same spots many times.

Wax cannot be treated unless it is longer than 5mm, but sugaring can be treated from 2mm.

For those who want to thin their hair, hair removal at a pace of 2 to 3 weeks will lead to permanent hair removal

You don't want to remove long hair and leave it for half a year to get it back to normal, and repeat the painful feeling when you do it again, right?

At Maris Gina, we counsel with each customer and we look forward to meeting the needs of our customers (^^ ♪