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sugaring for pregnant women too !

At Maris Gina, even pregnant women come to wax ♪
Throughout their pregnancy women can continue to come and go!

The hairs on the belly and navel of a pregnant woman grow remarkably during the middle of the second trimester of pregnancy. This is mainly caused by homonal changes.

When you are pregnant, various female hormones increase, such as "estrogen" that will produce breast milk during pregnancy, as well as "progesterone" to suppress ovulation during pregnancy.
Thus, your hair will become darker.

At the time of birth, the hair can be shaved in the hospital.
Pregnant women, before and after delivery, have very sensitive skin.
At Maris Gina we recommend you to try our sugar paste epilation.

We also do treatment for pregnant women.
LA bikini Sugaring takes only about 30 minutes, so you can quickly get back to rest!
You can avoid shaving at the time of delivery! (^^)

We are waiting for everybody's visit ♪