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G Do not worry if your are afraid of hotness and stickiness

If waxing is pretty hot and sticky for the skin which sometimes might make you feel uncomfortable, we offer a new choice of hair removal for you right now: Sugaring.

♥ With sugaring, the heat is not too high like waxing so that you do not have to worry about its hotness as well as be afraid that the sugar can burn you.

Also, since sugar is easy to be removed with water:

◊ The skin can be easily cleaned after being applied the Alexandria after treatment products; 
◊ You can also find it not challenging to wipe the floor if you unfortunately drop the sugar. 

While at the same time, if you use waxing, you can find it uncomfortable even when you use oil to remove the waxing liquid from your skin and it is hard to clean up your floor/ bed wraps if you drop the waxing liquid on them. Waxing or sugaring, it depends on your choice! At Maris Gina, we offer both sugaring and waxing for our customers. Let us visit one of our salons in Shibuya, Shinjuku, Roppongi and Tochigi soon to receive great advice and hair removal treatments from out staffs. See you soon!