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Sugaring Aftercare at home

Hello everyone!

Maris Gina Sugaring and Waxing Salon Shinsaibashi Branch!

This is after care after the treatment but we will moisturize you on the same day after the treatment.

Oil-free products such as lotions and milky lotions are recommended for moisturizing.

After sugaring, the pores are open because the keratin and dirt are removed. If it is moisturized with a body cream containing oil, the oil will be clogged in the place that has been sugared. Skin trouble would arise such as acne. The pores will be clogged and the next hair removal will get worse as hair can't be remove properly.

When moisturizing, we recommend the oil-free ones that you used on face and not the body.

We especially recommend Alexandria Professional, which is also used in salons.
Essential tonic, restore, and presept, these three care sets (I love my skin)!
You can use this product line with confidence even for sensitive skin.