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Alexandria's products : the best for your skin

Maris Gina has prepared high quality products according to the condition of your skin and your problems.
Alexandria products designed after sugaring services can be purchased, in Japan, only to Maris Gina.

· Phenomen-all cream
It softens the keratin, restores the skin, restorative cream. (can reduce scars)
You can use it for the whole body.

· Cream CCMe
It soothes the redness of the skin after treatment, beneficial effect on acne.
It can be used for the whole body. If used before a hair removal (waxing or sugaring), it will also relieve the pain.

· Mudd Puddle (mud pack)
It is a pack of mud made from Hungarian mud.
A very natural eboue rich in mineral essentils and in collagen. This rejuvenating multi-treatment helps to improve the texture of the skin and to treat problems associated with ingrown hairs and facial imperfections.
It penetrates deeply into the skin and eliminates toxins. Detoxifying and rejuvenating

Among them, Phenomen-all cream has a very good reputation among customers who have used it!
You can use it all over the face and the whole body ♪
Even if it's not after sugaring services, it will be effective if you use it every day!