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Taking care of your skin and Sugaring

Why is home care so important?

If you have been following our blog you know why we love sugaring and the how it can benefit you.

But did you know our home care routine is just as important, if not more, than actually removing the hair!

A good home skin care routine is important because it allows your Sugarist and sugar to do the best job it can. Any hair removal will not be as effective if we are not taking care of our skin between appointments.

Sugaring removes the dead skin cells or "exfoliated" layer of skin, when we remove something from our bodies it is important to replace it. Think about when we exercise. When we exercise we sweat loose electrolytes, that is why we drink water. it is important for us to drink water and replace what our bodies have used. So, when we sugar and exfoliate our skin, it is important for us to replace the moisture with lotion.

So, why is it so important to take care of our skin in between appointments? Well, after we sugar, and the hair starts to grow and the skin cells develop we need to keep exfoliating and using moisturizer. If we do not keep our skin soft and healthy, the dead skin will start to form and the softer, finer hair may not be able to penetrate the skin. This can lead to an ingrown hair. Ingrown hair can lead to bigger problems and take a long time to heal. So, it is best to do what we can at home to avoid this. Also, by having soft, radiant skin the Sugar hair removal will be more thorough and less painful!

AP trained Sugarists are trained to help you have a home care routine that is easy and accommodating to your needs. LaMina carries detoxifying mud masks to purify your skin, natural oil products to replenish, moisturizers to help calm and hydrate, as well as soaks and scrubs to heal and exfoliate.

Let AP help you look and feel great in your skin today!!