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Timing for hair removal and SHR

One thing you should know before you remove your hair is your "hair cycle."
Once you know your hair cycle, you will understand at what pace you should go get your hair removed.
Hair is something that does not keep growing.
Telogen, anagen, and catagen are the three phases that repeat during your hair cycle.
The long hair on your head is going through the last telogen stage so it will keep on growing.
Your leg hair is short and therefore will not grow as long as your head hair.
Each part of your body goes through a different hair cycle.
The hair cycle is the reason why we have to keep removing our hairs.
Even if we wanted to remove all our hair now, it is not possible due to how it is dependent on the hair cycle.
It is necessary to remove your hair according to the time the hair comes out of the roots. The repetition of this process is crucial.
With SHR, this is how you will remove hair according to the hair cycle.
However, at Maris Gina, with our SHR, you do not have to worry about timing it with your hair cycle.
We can give you a SHR treatment whenever, in a short span of time.
It does not matter if you are tanned from the sun, it is still possible!
Let's not get discouraged, and let's remove our hairs!