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What is SHR ?

What is SHR hair removal?
Maybe it is the first time you heard about the SHR.
Previously known laser hair removal treatments are called SSC hair removal and IPL hair removal.
The new and improved SHR hair removal stands for Super Hair Removal.
If we sum it up, the SHR beams a soft laser onto the hair follicles, briefly and repeatedly, leading to hair removal.
Yes, the laser is beamed repeatedly, but the speed is VEY fast.
The SHR can target 1000 hairs in 10 seconds!!!
The previous laser hair removal usually took about 3hours for a full body treatment. But the new SHR can get the job done in just 30 minutes! This can save us so much time, and wouldn't be so much of a hassle to make an appointment. We believe hair removal salons will begin to start using the SHR for laser hair removal. It's a new generation of hair removal!
What is SHR hair removal?

Laser hair removal that exists are known to be called IPL hair removal or SSC hair removal.
These previous laser hair removal treatments focused on damaging the melanin by beaming irradiation.
This put a stop to hair growth.
The SHR hair removal does not focus on the melanin. Instead, it focuses on the hair follicle, allowing us not to keep track of our hair cycle, and be able to book an appointment much sooner. This is a brand new procedure.

Is it true that it can treat tanned skin, baby hairs, and moles?
Yes, the SHR can treat all skin types, even if you are tanned, or have moles or blemishes.
Obviously, it doesn't matter if your hair type is thick or thin, either.
There may be people that booked a laser hair removal appointment and accidentally got tanned the day before. Well, days of these worries are over with the SHR!

Until now, we had to wait for our hair cycle in order to get a laser hair removal treatment. Depending on your speed of hair growth, we may have had to wait 2~3 months for our next appointment.
Therefore, it took about 3 years for us to complete the whole hair removal treatment.
It's only natural we want quicker results.
With the SHR, we do not have to wait for our hair to grow anymore! Meaning, we can make an appointment every month! This reduces the completion time to 1/3 of what we usually know. The SHR can complete your laser hair removal in just a year!
With this, it is safe to say the the SHR hair removal is the ultimate laser hair removal procedure.

With a IPL...
We have to wait for hair growth for our next session, making our completion a long process. The IPL cannot be done when there is no hair and no where to damage. Of course, we cannot put long breaks between our next appointments either because hair that is far from the root is unaffected.
Growing hair is only 30% of all your hair, so with one session, only a maximum of 30% can get an effect.

With a SHR...
The SHR does not target the melanin, but rather the hair follicle. So we do not have to wait for our hair to grow in order to get a treatment.
So, rather than focusing on the 30% hair growth, it can treat all of your hair at one go.

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