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Why not try sugaring that is very gentle for the skin?

Maris Gina recommends sugaring(^^♪

Why not try sugaring that is very gentle for the skin?
Most of our customers have all switched from waxing to sugaring.
Sugaring can remove 2mm of hair, and even hair that is about to start growing.
Brazilian waxing is temporary hair removal and hair will start growing soon again. It is also very prone to ingrowns and skin damage.
Sugaring is natural, very gentle to the skin. It reaches the depth of the pores and removes hair from the roots, which can lead to permanent hair removal if you continue the treatment.
If you experienced skin damage from waxing or hasn't found waxing appealing, please try sugaring!
Sugaring requires a distinct technique.
The staff of Maris Gina have all completed the Alexandria Professional sugaring course and acquired certificates.
We have an international client base, and those who have experienced Alexandria sugaring abroad, have all felt satisfied with our service in our salon.
Sugaring is not yet well known in Japan, but once you have tried sugaring, you will not want to go back to Brazilian waxing!

To lead to permanent hair removal, we have a 6month sugaring program♪
To better improve your hair removal results, we recommend prompt aftercare at home:
1 Keep your skin moisturized
2 Use a scrub for exfoliation to eliminate all dirt clogged in the pores.
3 Apply a skin masque to remove toxins from your skin.
4 Do not remove hair by yourself in any circumstances
By completing this home care, you will not have to worry about ingrowns.
Please do not use a razor to shave your hair, because that will cause problems in the sugaring process!
Please ask our staff on detail about our 6month sugaring program♪

We will be waiting for your arrival☆