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Why choose Alexandria Professional Sugaring Practitioners

Alexandria Professional is the leading brand in Body Sugaring Hair Removal, not just for products, but education as well.  Alexandria Professional products are used by practitioners in over 30 countries, those who are accepted to become Educators are personally trained at the AP head office in Buffalo, New York USA.  We, as practitioners and educators work for years to perfect our technique, expand our knowledge of Sugaring and our products, and truly understand what you, the client, requires.  No two people are the same, we work everyday to identify the client needs, skin goals you are trying to achieve, and what products we can use to help you achieve that goal.  AP practitioners also continue their education through Master Classes, these range from eyebrow to brazillian Sugaring, and everything in between.  As educators, we encourage practitioners to continue to develop their skills and provide on-going, hands on education to ensure AP clients are receiving the best treatment on the market.  If you are wondering if Sugaring is for you, contact the closest Maris Gina Salon and make an appointment with one of our educated, qualified practitioners to discuss Sugaring!! And remember "Beautiful skin is in the hands of Alexandria Professional"