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Self sugaring hair removal

We will introduce the questions and answers we received from customers ♪

""Is it possible to self-sugar?""

→Since sugar paste is made of sugar, lemon and water, it can be made at home.

However, if you do Sugaring without technology, there is a high possibility that your hair will be torn, burn, or your skin will be damaged.

Why not leave it to a professional before you hurt your skin?

At Maris Gina, for safe and secure hair removal, [Staff who have acquired the AP Sugaring Master] are waiting for you!

Because we also think about the skin, all of our aftercare products, including the sugar paste we use, are made from Alexandria natural organic products.

The sugar used in the AP sugar paste has been carefully selected, and because it firmly penetrates into the pores and has a high degree of adhesion to the skin, it can also be used for skin keratin care and moisturizing to give a glossy, moisturized skin.

Sugaring that thinks about beautiful skin as much as hair removal.

Please come to Maris Gina where there is a staff member who has acquired the AP Sugar Ring Master in the world☆