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popuiar spots in Hokkaidou recommended during this time!

Popular spots in Hokkaido recommended during this time!

・ Asahiyama Zoo
The most popular zoo that represents Hokkaido! You can feed the penguins and seals. You can see a penguin walk in the snow! The fastest train from Sapporo to Asahikawa is in 1 hour and 25 minutes!

·Otaru Canal
Along the canal, there are stone warehouses and historical buildings! There are lots of retro restaurants around the renovated warehouse and seafood unique to Hokkaido! If you eat sushi, it is better to eat here in Otaru than in Sapporo!

・ Chitose, Lake Shikotsu
Lake Shikotsu is famous for having the highest water quality and transparency in Japan! It shines natural blue during the day and is lit by colorful lights at night! There are hot springs around the venue, so you can enjoy the event and warm your cold body!