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Salt scrub

Many people know the problem of ingrown hairs!
After waxing, it' common to have ingrown hairs.
But do you do home care?

New hair that grows after waxing and will take time to come out on the surface of the skin.
But before the hair repels, the dirt and dead skin accumulate in the pores, and will block the exit of the hair.
Even if the hair doesn't come out of the skin, it will continue to grow under the skin sideways and may also be stuck in a state of vortex.
So, it's important to make scrubs to remove all these dirt!

There are many types of scrubs sold all over the esthetic shop ...
Come take a look at our products, as well as our salt scrub in all our shops ☆

Alexandria's sallt handled by Maris Gina has the effect of curing the drying, the itching of the skin, the dermatitis,
It also controls excessive secretion of fat!

This scrub isn't only targeted for one area of ​​your body.
You can also use it by bathing it in the form of bath salts.
It will also have the effect of relieving the tired and painful body!

If you are interested, don't hesitate to ask to our staff  ♪