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We are looking for Sugaring Monitor/Model

We are looking for Sugaring Monitor/Model for trainee technology improvement at Maris Gina from March!

★ Body (Full Arms or Full Legs)
2000 yen each
12: 00 - 19: 00
3/6 Wednesday
3/7 Thursday
3/8 Friday
3/9 Saturday

★ VIO or Body (Full Arms or Full Legs)
2000 yen each
(Men's body - 2000 yen)
12: 00 - 19: 00
3/11 Monday
3/12 Tuesday
3/13 Wednesday
3/15 Friday
3/16 Saturday
3/18 Monday

★ VIO or Body (Full Arms or Full Legs) or Face 2000 yen each
(Men's VIO, Body 2,000 yen, Face is not possible)
12: 00 - 19: 00
3/20 Wednesday
3/21 Thursday
3/22 Friday
3/23 Saturday
3/25 Monday
3/27 Wednesday
3/29 Friday
3/30 Saturday
3/31 Sunday


Inquiries are accepted by e-mail or telephone.
Please make sure to read the following conditions before making a reservation.

※ We are looking for a monitor for training purposes, so please acknowledge that the treatment will be handled by several staff.
※ Treatment time is only estimated time, it might be less or more than that so we appreciate those who have plenty of time.
※ Men should bring an identification card.
※ Late and same day cancellation are not allowed.
※ Please come without cutting the hair.
※ We will decline those who did shaving and the likes within 2 weeks.

We are looking forward to your application.

Try Sugaring with this Coupon

Thank you so much for always choosing Maris Gina as your Waxing Salon.
As we are getting bigger and better, we have opened a new salon at Shinjuku.
Not many foreigners knew or know about our Shinjuku salon because it is the newest salon that we have.
I am encouraging you guys to try to visit our Shinjuku Salon and use this coupon.
If you still haven't tried Sugaring, then this is your chance to try it.
Get a quick smooth and hairless intimate area by visiting us.

Anyone can use this coupon but only applicable for Sugaring VIO or Brazilian menu only.
Coupon can be used from now until February 7, 2019 at Shinjuku salon ONLY.
For reservations, kindly book via our Booking system which you can find on this site

We'll see you guys.


Our salon will be going on a trip this February 1st until February 6th so we decided to close the Roppongi salon during those days since we only have two staffs that will be working during those times. We asked our customers to make a reservation now since slots are only limited. Normal store hours will be resume on February 7th. Thank you so much for always choosing Maris Gina Salon.

February = sugaring Valentine's day sugaring


January 2018 ended in the blink of a eye...
Time passes so quickly !

February is freezing, especially with all this snow, so be careful not to catch a cold!
When we think of February, we think of skiing, snowing, mountains but especially: Valentine's Day ♡
Every year, it's lovers' month with lots of chocolates and romantic restaurants! That's exciting!

Come and make yourself beautiful at Maris Gina for your lover, or even just for you.
Try our new sweet sugaring epilation!
We're looking forward to welcooming you☆ (^^)


Fevrier = la saint Valentin au sucre


Janvier 2018 s'est fini en un clin d'oeil ...
Le temps passe tellement vite !

Fevrier est un mois glacial, surtout avec toute cette neige alors faites attention ne pas attraper froid !
Quand on pense a février, on pense a la chandeleur mais surtout: a la Saint-Valentin ♡
Chaque année, c'est le mois des amoureux avec son lot de chocolats, de restaurants romantiques ! C'est excitant!

Venez vous faire belle chez Maris Gina pour votre amoureux, ou meme juste pour vous. 
Essayez notre nouvelle gourmandise l'epilation au sucre ! 
On vous attend nombreuses ☆(^^)


Taking care of your ingrowns?

Are all of you properly doing homecare after hair removal?

Taking care of your ingrowns?
It is a waste to have ingrowns after you have just gotten beautiful after a wax job.

What's the best way to prevent ingrowns?
The thing with ingrowns is that once you get it, it is prone to keep coming back in the same area.
While you are trying to remove the ingrown, your skin pigments tend to damage and change colour.
Your skin in your private areas are very thin and sensitive. It is prone to feel irritated even from the friction of your underwear touching your skin.
Therefore, acne and rashes are more likely to occur in those areas.
That is a common mistake.
Also, having oily skin does not mean you will automatically get acne. Even dry skin can cause acne.
Dry skin means there is not enough moisture i your skin, and your body will react to it.
Therefore, the body lets out too much oil, trying to give the skin moisture, and ends up creating acne.
So, even oily skin is lacking moisturization!
Meaning, the right amount of moisture has to be applied from the exterior.
Additionally, people tend to think body cream is necessarily to keep our private parts moisturized, but body cream is full of oil which is not recommendable.
After a hair removal treatment, your pores are wide open for 2-3 days.
If you apply body cream on open pores, the oil from the body cream will get stuck in your pores, meaning it is the same situation as when your body releases excess oil and clogs your pores.
So, make sure you apply oil free cream and pamper your body with care!

Epiler les poils pour rendre la peau plus belle

Epiler les poils pour rendre la peau plus belle

Une bonne nutrition, un sommeil et des compléments alimentaires sont essentiels.
Mais pour que votre peau soit "belle", il manque une chose.
C'est l'épilation.
Même si la base de votre peau est belle, s'il y a des cheveux qui dépassent, quel est le but?
Nous voulons toujours que les femmes soient considérées comme belles.
Si nous avions des poils indésirables partout ... les autres peuvent se sentir mal à l'aise.
Les femmes deviennent magnifiques grâce à des compliments! Être déclaré que vous avez une "belle peau" est un grand compliment ♪
Si vous vous concentrez sur les soins de la peau, l'épilation est un must.
Juste en enlevant nos poils indésirables, nous sommes un rang dans le département de soins de la peau!
Et puisque nous travaillons pour avoir une belle peau, il est important que l'épilation se fasse doucement et de manière intelligente.
L'épilation de Maris Gina est tout organique et très doux pour la peau.
Venez et essayez

Let's remove our hair to make our skin appear beautiful

Let's remove our hair to make our skin appear beautiful

Good nutrition, sleep and supplements are a given.
But in order to make your skin look "beautiful" it is missing one thing.
That is hair removal.
Even if the base of your skin is beautiful, if there is hair growing above it, what is the point?
Us women always want to be seen as beautiful.
If we had unwanted hair everywhere...others' may feel uncomfortable.
Women become beautiful through compliments! Being told you have "nice skin" is a great compliment ♪
If you are concentrating on skin care, hair removal is a must.
Just by removing our unwanted hairs, we are one rank up in the skin care department!
And since we are working for beautiful skin, it is important that hair removal is done gently and smartly.
Maris Gina's sugaring hair removal is all organic and very gentle to the skin.
Please come and try☆

SHR est rapide et sans douleur

SHR épilation a de nombreux avantages innovants!
Soulignons les avantages de SHR.
Surtout, l'épilation SHR est rapide et sans douleur!
La température d'irradiation est plus basse que les traitements d'épilation laser les plus récents que l'on connait actuellement. En une seconde, 6 coups de lumières peuvent frapper la peau. Ce sont donc 1000 poils en 10 secondes! Le temps de traitement pour l'épilation est considérablement raccourci.
En outre, le SHR peut être effectué quel que soit le stade du cycle des cheveux dans lequel vous vous trouvez. Il est donc plus facile de faire des rendez-vous, une fois par mois. Donc, non seulement une séance de traitement est plus rapide, mais la durée du processus complet d'épilation est accélérée. C'est génial pour les gens occupés!
Venez à notre salon Maris Gina Roppongi pour le traitement de l'épilation SHR!
Nous prenons également les réservations du jour, alors appelez-nous chaque fois que vous avez du temps libre ♪

SHR is quick and painless!

SHR is quick and painless!

SHR hair removal has many innovative benefits!
Let's point out the benefits of SHR.
Most of all, SHR hair removal is quick, and painless!
The irradiation temperature is lower than most current laser hair removal treatments out now. In one second, 6 shots of lights are able to hit the skin. That is a 1000 hair strands in 10 seconds! The treatment time for hair removal is significantly shortened.
Additionally, SHR can be done regardless of what stage of hair cycle you are in. So it is easier to make appointments, once a month. So not only is one treatment session quicker, but the duration of the complete hair removal process is quickened. It's great for busy people!
Come to our Maris Gina Roppongi salon for the SHR hair removal treatment!
We also take on the day reservations, so call us whenever you have spare time♪