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Reason why 3 weeks interval is recommended 【Sugaring】

Frequently asked questions
"can hair be removed by sugaring?"
"How long should I continue?"

Answers to the questions

Hair will be gone!!!

Although there are individual differences, getting treatment once every three weeks, while maintaining home care for 6 months, 80% of hair removal will be complete ^^

"Reason for every three weeks"

Hair that begins to grow three weeks after hair removal,
Is in the phase right before the hair root becomes thick and large.

By removing that hair, the hair growing subsequently becomes thinner, less dense and softer.

By leaving follicle in the condition where hair is removed for a long period
the body will believe that it does not require hair at that area and
It will gradually stop forming hair follicles

By thoroughly removing the hair root that is at a less dense phase after weeks, it leads to thinning of hair and eventually disappear♪

With laser, hair can only be removed once every two months,
Motivation falls with longer intervals
I want to remove hair quickly!

To those who feels that way,
Try Sugaring! It is recommended ♪