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Product used in Maris Gina [Sugaring]

Maris Gina uses products from Alexandria Professional.

Because we want to tell our customers the products and services of the highest quality and made from natural materials.

Alexandria Professional products are

Paraben free
Surfactant free

We want to be careful about what we put on our skin after removing hair from sugaring hair removal!

After hair removal, the pores are open.
Adding chemicals or poor quality oil to it puts a heavy burden on your skin.

Give your skin a good quality after hair removal☆

It is organic, so your skin and body will be happy to absorb it.

Maris Gina Salon aims for beautiful Bikini.
We think not just to remove hair but to have hairless, smooth, and beautiful skin!

Therefore, by combining our sugaring technology and your home care, you can achieve maximum sugaring hair removal, maximize the effect of sugaring, and aim for true beauty ♪

After the treatment, home care line products are also substantial, and AP can provide home care!

You can purchase and use essential tonics, restores, CCme, mud packs that are also used in body scrubs and face scrub salons.

If you are interested, please contact the staff (^_^)