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Popular hair removal parts in Maris Gina ☆ [Sugaring]

Hair removal parts popular in Maris Gina ☆
No.1 most popular ↓↓

Bikini Sugaring ☆

At Maris Gina, it's all off rather than designing and leaving the V line! It's popular ♪
After all, it seems that there are many people who starts worrying about discomfort during menstruation, smell and stuffiness

And popular No.2 is ↓↓

Armpits sugaring ☆

Generally, hair removal on the armpit is a must!
However, as a result of processing with a razor or pulling out with a hair remover, it is certain that many people are suffering from ingrown hair and darkening

They're worried about darkening, so they can't wear sleeveless ...
One of the most popular items for those who are worried is sugaring armpits!

It's not just sugar removal!
It also has a peeling effect, so you can expect faster turnover of your skin and improve darkening and buried hair!

Popular No.3 is ↓↓

Sugaring Lower Legs ☆

After shaving in the morning, it was already prickly in the evening ...
Goodbye to such problems!

Sugaring while taking care of home care such as scrubbing and moisturizing will not only reduce hair loss, but also make the skin feel smoother.

Let's get smooth legs while doing care ♪ ♪

In addition, Maris Gina also performs hair removal of whole body parts.
Please contact us anytime if you have any problems or concerns about your skin (^^)