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In a common question "Can hair be permanently removed by Sugaring hair removal?" "How long should I continue?"

 I will answer the voice!

It will disappear almost half forever! ! !

And there are individual differences Have you come once every 3 weeks,
In six months by having home care firmly 80% hair removal is complete ^ ^

"The reason for an interval of 3 weeks
" The hair that starts to grow three weeks after hair removal is

It is the hair before the hair root becomes thick and large.

By depilating that hair,
The hair that grows next becomes thinner and thinner and softer.

The condition of pores without hair growth continues,

The body does not need hair here!

Judging I will gradually stop making hair

Before the hair roots grow three weeks later
By firmly removing hair from the beginning of hair growth Hair becomes thinner, it leads to disappearing ♪

Laser hair removal can only remove hair once every two months.
The motivation is lowered when the date passes

I want to quickly lose my hair forever!

If you are such one! Sugaring! It is recommended ♪