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Many people are removing their nose hairs!

Recently, there are many people that are removing their nose hairs!

You can do it yourself,
but it is said that 80% of women have experience removing their nose hairs with wax.

That is how close nose waxing is to our mundane lives.

But, you should be cautious of removing your nose hair by yourself!

The insides of your nose is very delicate, so if you hurt yourself, it is very bad!

The bacteria can be breathed in and infect your body.

Nose hair exists to protect ourselves from dirt and bacteria.

It acts as a filter from filth,
and as a moisturizer.

Therefore, it is said that if the air is polluted, nose nose hair tends to grow longer.

Removing your nose hair with wax will last for about a week.

Try it once and see if you like it!

Nose wax in Maris Gina Salon 
only 2000 yen