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Natural Oils for skin and body care

Ingredients in your cosmetics and skin care are important!

Natural oils are becoming more popular in today's society. They are great for using topically, or for ingesting. Oils such as Frankincense, Sunflower, Rose and Pine are being used more over medicinal products as remedies to minor problems we face everyday.
Oils have amazing benefits from clearing skin problems, to dietary regulation, to sleep. It is important to do your research and understand where your products are coming from. Some oils and ingredients are not a good quality. If the cost is low, chances are it is not a good products. Natural oils are difficult to extract and process to make them safe for our skin and bodies. however, you do not need a large amount, so oils can last you a long time. The investment is worth it!

Some ingredients in Alexandria Professional products, and oils that help your skin between appointments are:

Sunflower: is an anti inflammatory, it reduces redness and is very high in Omega 6 and fatty acids. Sunflower also enhances the development of new skin cells which promotes healing and helps maintain youthful skin.
Avocado: this is very good for hydration, avocado is very high in Vitamin E which nourishes the skin.
Basil: this is very high in vitamin C, which is used to brighten the skin. It doest this by destroying free radicals that our skin is exposed to everyday.
Citrus: this is also very high in vitamin C. Using Citrus internally and topically is very beneficial to your skin and body. Vitamin C rejuvenates unhealthy skin to restore it back to its vital, youthful appearance.
Rose: this is also on of the most popular in skin care. Rose helps maintain the proper PH balance, which helps to eliminate break outs, or irritation. Rose is also great for cleaning out pores and keeping the skin tone even.
Pine: this is great to use on your skin because it is very high in antioxidants, and is used as a great anti-bacterial agent. Pine comes in different varieties such as: White and Silver.
Frankincense: this is by far the most beneficial natural oil. It is difficult to source and high quality oil can be expensive, but it has some of the most healing properties. This oil rapidly regenerates healthy skin cells while keeping existing skin healthy. Frankincense is widely used internally, and topically and can help with so much more than just your skin.

Alexandria Professional only uses the highest quality ingredients from around the world.  The formulations are designed to help treat various skin conditions.  If you are using oils as part of your daily routine, make sure to do your researh and only seek the highest, best quality ingredients.