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Maris Gina's recommended home care [Sugaring]

People want to get smooth beautiful skin with sugaring!
We would like those people to try Maris Gina's home care products

No time? Troublesome?
We understand! But why not spend few minutes of your time for future skin?

Remove and lose hair!
At Maris Gina, it is not ok if hair was removed when your skin will get damaged in the process!

Maris Gina is a skin-friendly salon that removes hair so that there is little to no damage on your skin.
After the hair is removed, the bare surface of the hair will be moist and smooth,
We will help you maintain your beautiful skin.

After all, home care is essential not only for the treatment, but to maintain beautiful skin.
Therefore, we recommend different home care depending on the needs of our customers ♪

Of course, home care lines are similar to the sugar paste.
Introducing the Alexandria Professionals brand!

If you have any questions or inquiry, please feel free to contact Maris Gina staffs!

We will help you achieve a beautiful skin after counselling and observation of the condition of your skin.