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M Sugaring Myths Debunked!

Most popular Sugaring myths debunked. 

1. Sugaring is a new procedure or technology.
This is a myth. Sugaring is not new. In fact, it has been in use since 1900BC in Persia, Mesopotamia, Greece and Egypt. It is one of the earliest method for hair removal. It has been in practiced for years and this is just getting popular day by day.

2. Sugaring can caused high Glucose level on blood especially when you are diabetic.
This is also a myth. In order to have a high Glucose level, you have to consume or eat the sugar paste instead of applying it into your body. But why would you eat a Sugar Paste which is used for hair removing? No one will gonna do it right? Though you can eat our Sugar since it is just made of water, lemon and Sugar. Does that mean that you can be sugared even when you are Diabetic? Well, it is a case to case basis for this one. Might as well ask your practitioner for this one. The thing is, this won't cause your Glucose to raise.

3. Sugar is so messy and hard to clean.
This is a big myth! Sugar can easily be clean with water. After sugaring, just take your regular shower and voila its like magic, its gone. No need to go the extra mile to clean it up like waxing. Sugar stick into your clothes? No problem! It can be removed with water and by slighty rubbing the area or just throw it on the washing machine and it will be gone as if nothing happens.

4. You cannot be Sugared when you have your period.
Not true. You can be Sugared when you have your period as long as you wear a tampon. Though it will hurt more than when you are not in your period as the pain tolerance are kinda bit lower when you are in your red days.

5. Bacteria and viruses can grow on the sugar paste.
Since sugar paste has a high sugar concentration, it is nearly impossible for the bacteria to grow. In fact, it has lemon which has a high acidity level and we all know that bacteria doesn't grow on that kind of environment.