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Let's leave the delicate Bikini part to the professionals [Sugaring]

Some people often use razors and hair removal creams for self-hair removal.

Hair removal cream is an item that removes hair by dissolving the protein contained in the hair as a component.

Hair is properly removed by ""melting hair"", not by hair loss.

So right after hair removal, it grows up, right?
If you repeat it almost every day and continue for a long time, the damage on your skin will also be repeated...

Before you self-epilate and trouble comes, why not consult a professional hair removal salon? After all, the Bikini part is so delicate.

At the hair removal salon, the staff will check the condition of your skin and the condition of your hair, so you'll be relieved.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Maris Gina staffs.
And let's make your beautiful delicate zone together!