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Laser hair removal treatments

Laser hair removal treatments usually react to the black roots of your hair.
If you have been doing Brazilian waxing, your roots are removed all together during the procedure.
Therefore, a laser hair removal treatment would usually not be effective on waxed skin.
But, the new SHR hair removal system is different.

The SHR only reacts to the hair follicle, so it is effective even if you have no hair roots! If anything,
if you get a SHR treatment after a waxing job, the laser can reach deeper into your pores,
making the stop on hair growth even more effective!

The SHR is effective on any skin type or color,
so it is ok if you are sun tanned or have blonde or white hair!

And mostly, it's PAIN-FREE!

Yes, it really is painless.
It basically feels like a warm stone is being placed on your body.
Especially after a wax job, who wants more pain?