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Does your hair root look like a small acne? ?

Do you know folliculitis? ?

● What is folliculitis? ●
It may occur only in the shallow part of the tissue surrounding the hair below the pores, or it may extend to deeper structures in the skin.

It is said that people with poor skin hygiene, patients with chronic skin diseases, and people with staphylococci in the nasal cavity are more likely to have the disease or skin abscess. Often occurring in people with diabetes, reduced immune function, obesity, and advanced age are also risk factors.
Sometimes the infection is repeated with no known cause. ""

Do you know someone who has this? The triggers vary.

○ During menstruation, the use of a sanitary napkin deteriorates air permeability.
○ If you wear thick stockings, tights, skinny pants leggings, and underwear for a long time, it would cause moisture which provides a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.
○ After unwanted hair removal treatment, pores are open and bacteria enter from there and infect.
○ If you have low immune system due to fatigue, stress, poor diet, etc., the barrier function of the skin also weakens.

The part covered with underwear is a part where the humidity is high and germs are easy to propagate.
Folliculitis may occur in the summer or when exercising, sweating a lot and staying moist for a long time.

Put on well-ventilated underwear to prevent folliculitis, or take a shower frequently.
It is important to keep it clean ...!
After hair removal treatment, do proper aftercare.
By reducing the hair on Bikini, the humidity decreases, and it becomes difficult for the bacteria to propagate.

And a well-balanced diet and enough sleep
Release stress and keep fatigue and stress away ♪
Wax hair removal is very good to keep the delicate zone clean ♪

Sugaring hair removal for delicate skin
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