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How is sugaring different from wax?

Sugaring hair removal that Maris Gina recommends with confidence!
Customers still ask, ""What is sugaring?""

Those who have been waxing a few times will understand,
Immediately after the treatment, it is smooth, but if it does not grow back for about a month from there, you will be thinking whether to do the next treatment or not. Right?

However, with sugaring, the treatment can be done in two weeks, so you can come to the store when you think that it grew back a little bit!

After removing hair with sugaring, than when removing hair with wax, your skin is smooth and the moisturizing effect of sugar is amazing!

After-sales service will be explained by our staff.
In the store, we also have the same ALEXANDRIA care products as sugar, so you can avoid more skin problems if you use it in conjunction with treatment ☆

Please feel free to ask any questions♪