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Homecare after hair removal


After sugaring or waxing, do you take care of your skin at home?
Although the skin is quite smooth after hair removal, it's important to do homecare just after and continue until the next visit!
This time, I will talk about what kind of homecare you can do after treatment \ (^ o ^) /
Avoid as much as possible to take a bath or exercise on the day of treatment
Nevertheless the shower is recommended! !
After taking a shower, don't forget to hydrate the body (the part you did the treatment) with a lotion or cream / body milk. (* ^^ *) ☆
With a salt scrub for example, massage your skin 2 or 3 days after treatment.
It's very important to prevent ingrown hairs! ! !
Try to do it at least once or twice a week and the best, would be even two days before the next sugaring ☆

After around a week and a half, the new hair grows and the hair scrapes (* ^^ *)
There, very inportant !
Please avoid using the razor! !

If you have any questions about homecare, feel free to contact us at any time ☆
For a hydrated and smooth skin! ! ! !