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Sugaring LABiniki for men at Maris Gina

Not only women but also men become sensitive to fashion and beauty.
Currently, the Japanese are beginning more and more to get the LAbikini.
The treatment rate is 25%! ! In the USA, this rate is 89.3%.

Sugaring hair removal for men as well as women are also welcome at Maris Gina!
For both men and women, the reasons for hair removal do not change much, seeking cleanliness and comfort.
As well as getting a beautiful smooth and soft skin ♪
Sugaring is also recommended for men because everything is organic and natural!
Not only at the LAbikini, but there are also people who remove their hair on theiir arms and legs, chest, stomach and back.

Please come and see us in our salons at Maris Gina! we are waiting for you!