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The most popular hair removal at Maris Gina ☆

No.1 LA Bikini with sugaring
It seems that more and more people are starting to worry about the discomfort during the period, the smell and the congestion.
The rainy weather and the sweltering summer are not long in arriving.
Before that, come and try the full (VIO) bikini to feel clean and comfortable in your clothes. ♪ ♪

No. 2 Underarms with sugar paste
After treatment with a razor or even waxing, it is certain that there are many people with ingrown hairs and darkening of the skin.
Despite the removal of hair, many people are still concerned and complex by the darkening of the skin and dare not wear sleeveless clothes ...
What is popular with those who have problems is sugar removal!
It is not fair to depilate the hair, because there is a peeling effect, we can expect an early renewal of the skin and improve the darkening and ingrown hairs!
Get a nice armpit now ♪ ♪

N ° 3 The half leg with sugar ☆
Even if we shave in the morning, during the day the hairs are already growing again ...
Sugar waxing is a goodbye to such a problem!
If you receive sugar depilation while doing home care, such as exfoliation, hydration, etc., this will only reduce the effect of hair regrowth, but also the touch will be different, more slippery.
What's better than having beautiful legs in summer ♪ ♪

Moreover, we also do hair removal for other parts of the body.
Please come to try and feel free to contact us if you have questions