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Is the hair gone by sugaring? [Sugaring]

Why Does Sugaring Hair Removal reduces Hair?

I have a lot of questions!

Today I will introduce the process of hair reduction ^^

Sugaring hair removal wraps the hair root and removes uprooted hair and cleans it, the hair root gradually becomes smaller

As the hair root becomes smaller, the hair becomes thinner and thinner.

By removing thin and thin hairs, the pores become smaller and smaller, and the hair roots that are born become smaller

If the grown hair is pulled out immediately and there is no hair, you don't need any hair there anymore!
As the body recognizes, the hair gradually grows out ^ ^

Unlike wax hair removal, hair can be firmly removed from the hair root without cutting or burying hair, so hair can be thinner, and you can proceed steadily to the road that will eventually disappear! !

So if you come to hair removal firmly once every three weeks, there will be individual differences, but hair will not grow in half a year ♪

However, if you do not do home care with sugaring, permanent hair loss and the effect of each hair removal may be thinner,

Home care opens the way to hair removal and permanent hair removal ☆