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The forgotten Lower belly line hair [Sugaring]

The hair under the navel that is usually hidden in clothes and is usually not bothering, not unless when it comes to swimwear, underwear, and bold fashion where you can see your stomach.

Since it is a part that is not visible to the public, many people may be wondering whether it should be removed.

Not only under the navel, but also the thickness of unwanted hair on the arms and legs varies from person to person.

Many people may be worried that ""I may have thicker hair than other people.""

Factors that cause unwanted hair to thicken include stress, disordered eating habits, and major changes in hormonal balance due to pregnancy.
For those who have an imbalance in hormones due to stress or disordered eating habits, it is important to relieve stress by exercising and to live a regular life every day!

In addition, it is said that the thickening of unwanted hair during pregnancy is due to the increase in female hormones.
After giving birth, the amount of hormones will gradually return to the state before giving birth, so it is better to watch the situation.

Unlike the arms and back, the stomach is soft and delicate.
We recommend that you take care of it as carefully as you do with pubic hair!

With proper care, your skin and appearance will be beautiful, and you can enjoy highly exposed fashion.

Recommended hair removal as well as [Sugaring]
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